Uses of Honey in your Diet

Honey is a versatile food having immense of health benefits for the body. This golden colored sticky liquid can be used in a number of ways in your diet. There are utilities of honey with many health benefits. There are many extensions of diet purposes fulfilled with honey and it gives immense of positive things for the body. Honey is anti-oxidant, anti bacterial and hygroscopic in any other human food, honey can also be given to your french bulldogs in moderation. so, you should not be giving your dog more than one spoon per day. You can include honey in your diet in different ways:

Uses of Honey in your Diet

  • Perfect bread spread

Honey can be used for the great breakfast on the bread. It is a great alternative to jams or sugar based syrups available in the market. You can easily spread it on raw bread or the toasted bread to get delicious breakfast. You can even mix some additives to make it tastier for your taste. Cinnamon, ginger and fresh oranges are the best additions for the best bread spread. You can even use honey as a dip for going well with any kind of food. read more about Honey on :

  • Beverages

You can begin your day with lemon and honey added to warm water. It will make you feel good and light by kicking off the fats. You can replace sugar with honey in beverages to make it calorie free and useful. Honey can be put inside tea, milk, energy drinks and almost anything you want. There can be best beverages made with a spoon of honey. click here for related information.

  • Power Snack

Honey can be mixed with dry fruits, toasted oats and even milk to get the best effect. It can make your snacks tasty and nutritious in its exclusive way. It can make your light snacks tasty and you can even include it in salads to make them tastier.

  • Soups

Honey matches well with many soups and curries. It gives a great feeling to the tongue and even works on the bitterness of some elements included in the soup.

  • Salad dressing

Instead of choosing the readymade dressings, you can go for honey as salad dressing. It can make your favorite salads more impressive by inclusion of the natural element.