housebreaking a teacup pig

Cats are not the only pets that can be trained to use a litter box. Pigs have an unearned reputation as dirty and squalor-laden animals. In reality teacup pigs, like all pigs, are clean animals and make wonderful indoor pets. Teacup pigs do not come pre-potty trained, unfortunately. Hence they must be taught to use a litter box. Training should begin at a relatively early age for best results. Rewards such as treats for successful steps help a Teacup Pig become housebroken sooner.

Initial attempts to potty train your pet should begin as soon as possible after acquiring your new squealing companion. Beginning as soon as you finish reading this article is highly recommended. Be aware that no pig is naturally potty trained. While it is possible that a previous owner may have trained a Teacup Pig do not count on it. Ask your pig’s previous owner or pet store if it is house trained. Make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand before commencing your piggy training. Accidents are likely! Pigs naturally choose to select one area to use as a latrine. They then use that selected area repeatedly. One of the first things you should do is to select an area for your Teacup Pigs bathroom. A quiet out of the way area is an ideal choice. The pig will feel more comfortable and you will be less inconvenienced. An important thing to remember is that a pig will not wish to relieve themselves in any area adjacent to where they sleep.

Litter box training a small pig does not have much in common with litter box training a cat. The main feature that they do have in common is the use of a litter box. A Teacup pig can use a larger kitty box. Litter box alternatives such as storage boxes and clothes baskets made of plastic make acceptable litter box like alternatives. The main consideration in the selection of a litter box for a Teacup Pig is to ensure that the pig can move about freely while conducting its business. Litter is a needed facet for the pigs litter box. Wood shavings or pine shavings make ideal pig litter. Do not use kitty litter. A piggy may mistake it for food and attempt to eat it. This can cause the pig to become extremely ill. Check with your local pet store for appropriate litter alternatives for pine shavings. Shredded newspaper makes a budget-friendly alternative for litter.

The set up of the litter box is stepped one in litter box training your pig. The next step is getting your pig to use the litter box. Remember accidents will happen. Negative reinforcement will not assist you or your pet with the training process. Move any waste ensuing from a training accident into the pig’s litter box. Leave the waste in the litter box long enough to ensure they notice it. Continue this throughout the training process. Make sure to not leave the waste in the litter box too long. Eventually, your pig will become comfortable with and regularly use their litter box. All that is needed to accomplish this is time and patience.

Training rates will vary between individual pigs. Remember to reward success. Never punish your pig for failure to train or for accidents. These steps are crucial to the potty training process. Accidents will happen. They are a fact of life. Clean the box at least weekly and remove used litter immediately.

And there you have it, how to housebreak your pet pig!